Sodium Phosphate Buffer配方和制备方法

The buffer is one of the most popular currently used, and is commonly employed in molecular and cell biology, chemistry, and material science, among many others.

配制L  Sodium Phosphate Buffer


表 1. 配方

2.231 g0.018 MNaH2PO4/119.987558-80-7
11.555 g0.081 MNa2HPO4/141.967558-79-4
  1. 在合适的容器中装入 0.8 L 的蒸馏水.
  2. 往溶液中加入 2.231 g磷酸二氢钠.
  3. 往溶液中加入 11.555 g磷酸氢二钠.
  4. 加入 蒸馏水 直到体积为 1 L.
  5. Phosphate buffer is highly water soluble and has a high buffering capacity, but will inhibit enzymatic activity and precipitates in ethanol.